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Philippine Religious Festivals!

Mabuhay!!! Welcome to the 7,107 islands of the Philippines!

Filipinos are fun-loving, cheerful and festive in spirit, plus the biggest Christian nation in the whole of Asia, equals?... What will you get?... Celebrations and Fiestas, (hooorray!). I mean... really, a lot of it, whole-year round! Imagine the 7,107 island home to numerous festivals (wheew!)... more

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Forget-Them-Not. The Philippines has a distinguished list of historical personalities – Filipinos who are discussed and immortalized in history books for their significant contributions to the country. We have memorized their names by heart – Rizal, Bonifacio, Jacinto, and countless others like them. However, if we have famous heroes like them, we also have other Filipinos whom we hardly hear and discuss in our history classes. We call these Filipinos, our Unsung Heroes

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